Workshop in Teisnach

On February 8th and 9th an Electrific workshop under the leadership of E-WALD took place in Teisnach. The participating partners from Uni Mannheim, Uni Passau, THD, Bayernwerk, and E-Sumava discussed the trial setup for the beginning trial phase.

On the first day of the workshop E-WALD presented an overview of their carsharing-platform and charging backend software. In addition E-WALD provided testrides with different EVs and showed the functionality of different charging stations at several charging locations in reality. So all participating members of the project could experience how e-mobility works in daily life.

On the second day of the workshop the use cases were discussed and finalized for the workflow of the project. In addition the pre-planning of the trials took place in regard to crossborder-interation, user groups and the EV-fleet portfolio which could be used therefore. Finally a fruitful discussion about incentives took place, which made a real effort for the project.

The meeting ended in a dégagé get-together in the evening, where the results were recapitulated. All participating partners provided action items for the ongoing workflow.



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