The experiments and small-scale pilots of the project have been selected in order to cover all current scenarios related to EV:

 •  Experiments related to local grid control and management.

 •  Experiments to understand incentive mechanism for charging behaviour.

 •  Simulations and experiments to test scalability of the solution into Large-scale deployments.

 •  Small-scale pilot in Lower Bavaria (Germany) characterized by public car fleet (E-WALD) and by an energy provider (Bayerwerk) providing power from renewables.

 •  Small-scale pilot in Šumava (Czech Republic) that is able to validate the solution cross-border due to the connection of e-Šumava vehicles fleet and E-WALD. Especially the pricing and the pricing impact are researched (see WP8).

 •  Two small-scale pilots in Barcelona (Spain) including:
    - buses from the public electric bus fleet and
    - electric scooters public service of the city.

 •  Survey pilot for EV user profiling to establish a benchmark for EV attractiveness

Small-scale pilots