The experiments and small-scale pilots of the project have been selected in order to cover all current scenarios related to EV:

 •  Experiments related to local grid control and management.

 •  Experiments to understand incentive mechanism for charging behaviour.

 •  Simulations and experiments to test scalability of the solution into Large-scale deployments.

 •  Small-scale pilot in Lower Bavaria (Germany) characterized by public car fleet (E-WALD) and by an energy provider (Bayerwerk) providing power from renewables.

 •  Small-scale pilot in Šumava (Czech Republic) that is able to validate the solution cross-border due to the connection of e-Šumava vehicles fleet and E-WALD. Especially the pricing and the pricing impact are researched (see WP8).

 • Small-scale pilot in Barcelona (Spain) with buses from the public electric bus fleet.

 •  Survey pilot for EV user profiling to establish a benchmark for EV attractiveness

Small-scale pilots

Experiment / Trial Parameters / Trial Options
Small-scale pilot E-WALD (Germany)
 •  Explore battery State of Health (SOH) depending on conductive and inductive fast charging
 •  Explore battery State of Health (SOH) depending on the charging standard and cycle (CCS, CHAdeMO, Typ2, Typ1, F1 charging)
 •  Improve grid stability by smart charging and individual load distribution
 •  Trial: specifics of car sharing versus rental EV use
 •  Explore the incentive impact on private, public and commercial EV fleet users
 •  Explore changing locations and incentive impacts
Small-scale pilot Šumava (Czech Republic)
 •  Trial with touristic specifics in Czech (Šumava), Germany (Bavarian forest) and cross-border
 •  Explore cross-border charging behaviour (Šumava <- -> Bavarian forest)
 •  Explore charging infraestructure for direct grid and cell cube for renewable energy sources (off grid battery system charged from solar panels and wind power)
Small-scale pilot Barcelona (Spain) e-bus
 •  Optimisation by deployment of a battery charging strategy
 •  Improve grid stability by avoiding net load peaks
 •  Improve environmental aspects by increasing the contribution of used renewable energy sources into the electrical mix
 •  Explore inductive partial charging options at bus stops
Small-scale pilot Barcelona (Spain) e-scooters
 •  Optimisation of electric sharing systems for e-scooters by implementing an incentive program
 •  Use dynamic information system for the users/riders dashboard functionalities
Small-scale pilot e-Šumava (Czech Republic) e-scooters
 •  Touristic trial with rental e-bikes and e-scooters
 •  Trial Tourism changing behaviour in urban and rural areas