Technical workshop in Passau

On December 8th and 9th, some of the partners of Electrific met in Passau in the first Technical Workshop of the project. The University of Passau kindly held the celebration of this meeting where important technical aspects of the project were discussed.

After an overall presentation by Gfi and  Freemind, it was Uni Passau who presented the technical aspects related to the Local Grid Management and Data Aggregation. Later, it was the turn of Deggendorf Institute of Technology and Has-to-be to present the issues related to EV Management and Data Aggregation. CVUT  took the floor to talk about the section on Advanced EV Driver Assistance Services and, last, Gfi and Freemind talked about Overall Design, Common Management Model and Prototype Integration.

The meeting was very fruitful and will allow the partners to follow working in finding the best solutions for a better operation of electric cars, which will be added to their already undeniable advantages, as for exemple, their no-contribution to atmospheric and acoustic pollution.


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