Šumava Mountain

Small-scale pilot - e-Šumava.cz - Šumava mountain

The company e-Šumava.cz started its business in February 2015 and opened up first in June 2015. E- Šumava  operates a network of electro-vehicles for rental in the Šumava Mountains. Šumava National Park is located in the South Bohemian Regions of the Czech Republic along the border with Germany and Austria. E-Šumava.cz is an official partner of that National Park.

The project e-Šumava is a private initiative, which provides visitors with rental of e-cars, eBikes, e-scooters, with complete services and a phone operator for customers.

E-Šumava is interconnected with E-WALD which offers similar services at the Bavarian side of the National Park. The first summer season in 2015 successfully ended with more than 200 rentals and with an increase of rental places by 50%.

The company e-Šumava operates in its reservation system 10 rental places (about 50 eBikes, 10 e-scooters and 3 e-cars). During the next year it is planned to extend the network up to 100 locations using 400 eBikes and 100 scooters.

Furthermore, the number of e-cars and charging points will be increased. Currently, e-Šumava owns two charging points. One charging point is connected to the grid and the other one to renewable energy sources - off grid battery system charged from solar panels and wind power.

Currently available charging points in type of are:

    • Charging column Type2, Mennekes

    • Charging column Type 2 connected to BatteryFB10-40Gildemeister

    • Charging points at rental places Type 2

e-Šumava’s small-scale pilots will include cross-border (CZ-D) experience. The pilots will be run in combination with E-WALD and contribute experience delivered by international usage.