University of Mannheim (UNIMA)


University of Mannheim (UNIMA)

68131 Mannheim, Germany

Tel. +49 621 18 12222

Project role(s): 

• Scenarios, requirements and metrics lead (WP2)

• Psychological user profiling, ergonomic interaction and behaviour change lead (WP6)

• Technical contributor to work packages: WP3, WP8, WP9


Company description:

The University of Mannheim - UNIMA in Germany is a strongly research-oriented university.

The Software Engineering Group of Prof. Colin Atkinson (UNIMA-SEG) belongs to the Department of Computer Science. The core competence of the Software Engineering Group is the model-driven development of components and component based systems with a second focus on implementing aspects of energy aware data centre research, like GreenSLA, GreenSDA, energy metrics for data centres and contributing to the development of Green Data Centre Business Models. Most of the latter experience was developed in the context of the EU FP7 projects FIT4Green [25] (#249020) and All4Green [24] (#288674).

The first German Consumer Psychology Chair held by Prof. Michaela Wänke (UNIMA-CPC) is part of the psychology department. The department has a strong record in basic and applied research in areas such as survey design and economic decision-making. The core competence of the Consumer Psychology Group is experimental methodology combined with a profound knowledge of psychological variables such as needs, attitudes and cognitive limitations. The Consumer Psychology Group has larger interactive laboratories and access to representative panels to run experiments and surveys.