Uni Passau



University of Passau (UNI PASSAU) 

Innstrasse 41

94032 Passau, Germany

Tel. +49 851 5090


Project role(s): 

• Local grid management and data aggregation lead (WP4)

• Technical contributor to work packages: WP3, WP8, WP9


Company description:

University of Passau - UNI PASSAU  has traditionally been playing a leading role in research related to energy efficiency, self-organization, performance modelling, security, QoS, and networking related topics. UNI PASSAU's excellence of research has been demonstrated within numerous nationally and internationally funded projects. Seminar and lecture series at the university concentrate on the areas of energy efficiency, smart grids, security, trust & reputation and network privacy. The University organized and hosted the First International Conference on Energy-Efficient Computing and Networking, e-Energy 2010 (sponsored by ACM SIGCOMM) and the 13th IWQoS 2005 (International Workshop on Quality of Service, sponsored by IFIP and IEEE), both international annual conferences and have emerged as the prime annual global events in their respective fields. Beyond that, the University hosted the First International Workshop on Self-Organizing Systems in 2006 (IWSOS 2006, also sponsored by IFIP and IEEE). A further strong characteristic of UNI PASSAU is the interaction between academia and industry. The University’s IT-centre will offer excellent opportunities for the dissemination of knowledge and research results both to academia, SME and to leading industrial partners. The chair of computer networks and communications consists of one professor, 1 post-doc and 9 PhD candidates.