E-Wald GmbH




Technologie Campus Teicnach

Technologiecampus 1

94244 Teisnach, Germany

+ 49 (0) 9923 8045 310



Project role(s): 

• Experimentation and trials lead (WP8)

• Technical contributor to work packages: WP5, WP6, WP7, WP9


Company description:

E-WALD GmbH  is a company that has been founded within the framework of the collaborative project E-WALD, Electromobility Bavarian forest. The Project E-WALD has been initiated by the Bavarian Ministry of economics in accordance with the future strategy for Bavaria and the objective to advance electromobility in Bavaria and support the Bavarian Forest as technology region.

E-WALD is the largest demonstration project of electromobility in Germany, covering an area of 7.000 km2 in Lower Bavaria.

The technological objective is to demonstrate that electromobility is a reliable mobility option in a rural area by implementing an integrative charging infrastructure alongside with an innovative information and communication concept. By this prestigious project, positive impulses are expected for a sustainable tourism in the region.

E-WALD GmbH is one of the leading providers of electro-mobility solutions in public and private range within Germany. The GmbH with 105 municipal and private shareholders combines municipalities, as well districts and private companies (89 municipalities, 6 districts and 10 private companies).

The company is based on four business units:

  • The unit “Fleet Management” operates with electro vehicles (EVs) car renting (short- and long term renting) and car sharing of EVs.
  • The business unit “Infrastructure” offers operations and services for commercial and private usage of charging stations.
  • The unit “Consulting” develops mobility and charging concepts and focuses on the use of renewable energies and a CO2 neutral use of electric cars.
  • The unit “mobility as a service” relies on complete systems which combine electric vehicles with charging stations and external partners are provided.

The E-WALD GmbH provides nationwide products and solutions for the growing market of electric mobility. The company cooperates with local partners; used electricity is produced by renewable energy sources. Currently more than 150 publicly accessible charging stations with 500 charging points, as well as an operational fleet of 200 electric cars are operated.

E-WALD eCarsharing: Though the mobility card access E-WALD customers can use EVs of the E-WALD fleet and have access to more than 10.000 vehicles as E-WALD GmbH cooperates with various fleet partners. The E-WALD products and solutions are used in 20 counties and six federal states. These products and solutions expand the mobility services in rural areas and complement the public transport. In the Bavarian forest E-WALD GmbH relies on a covered expansion of charging stations and mobility services, such as eCarsharing and long-term rental of electric cars. The aim is to strengthen the rural areas through a dense network of charging stations and the provision of appropriate vehicle technology, as well as convert a significant number of secondary cars on electric mobility and thereby contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. By linking with existing public transport services cross-connections are created to promote the mobility of tourists and locals. Therefore the E-WALD GmbH cooperates with local authorities and private partners.