Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona

Av. Drassanes, 6-8, 2ª planta

08001 Barcelona

Tel. + 34 93 224 08 60

Project role(s): 

• Utilization of project results lead (WP9)

• Technical contributor to work packages: WP4, WP5, WP6, WP7, WP8


Company description:

BCNecologia - the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona is a public consortium comprising the City Council of Barcelona, the Municipal Council, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona and the Barcelona Provincial Council. The Agency’s aim is to rethink cities in terms of sustainability.

BCNecologia applies a systemic approach to city management in order to reach a sustainable urban model. The urban model that best describes the principles of efficiency, habitability and sustainability, is that of the compact city. This model encompasses morphology of complex organization, an efficient metabolism, and a high degree of social cohesion, all being desirable qualities to promote in today's cities. This systemic approach is the basis of BCNecologia’s sustainable models.

To accomplish its mission, the Agency provides sustainable solutions in the fields of mobility, energy, waste management, water management, urban planning, biodiversity and social cohesion. Our team completed projects for various public institutions, foundations, organizations and companies, both nationally and internationally.

Together with their beneficiaries, BCNecologia identifies problems and their causes, makes proposals, analyzes the technical feasibility, quantifies the results and provides administrative support during the definition, management and project implementation.

BCNecología consists of a trans-disciplinary team which includes lawyers, environmentalists, architects, biologists, information scientists, physicists, geographers, computer scientists, engineers (industrial, road, and agricultural), journalists, psychologists and chemists.

BCNecologia is involved in several EU projects as a partner and as leaders (BLUENE, Electra, Urban Empathy, SCOW...). Also it has elaborated the Urban Mobility Plan of Barcelona and the configuration of the new bus network in Barcelona. It has strong relation with TMB (company in charge of public bus management) and other relevant stakeholders in the electric mobility of Barcelona. In Barcelona will be developed two small scale tests (public bus and scooter sharing system) with the aim to improve their operation and create a model for the transferability in other European and worldwide cities.