Liliensthalstrasse 7

93049 Regensburg, Germany

Tel. 09 41-2-01-00

Project role(s): 

• Technical contributor to work packages: WP2, WP4, WP5, WP6, WP9


Company description:

Bayernwerk  operates with many partnerships on communal level, offering services such as for instance from street lightening up to water supply and savage handling. Bayernwerk is one of the largest regional energy service providers in Germany. The network encompasses the bavarian regions of Oberfranken, Unterfranken, Oberpfalz and regions of upper and lower Bavaria, incorporating in total 41,000 sq. kilometers. Through a voltage network encompassing in total 179,500 kilometers in length, the E.ON supplies customers safely with energy. Currently there are about 3,000 staff members working to such an extent. The staff work on location at Regensburg, Bayreuth, Munich, Wuerzburg as well as in 19 decentralized net-centers in order to cover huge and important parts of Bavaria. Therein, about 500 staff experts work as mobile servicer for a reliable and mobile supply.