It is widely accepted that due to driving range, recharging time and cost the electric vehicle is not a viable replacement for most fuel cars.

ELECTRIFIC revolutionises how electric vehicles are integrated into users’ life by increasing coordination of all the actors in the electromobility ecosystem: Drivers optimizing their vehicle usage, charging stations managers (and their power providers) and fleet managers. At the grid level, the project develops new smart charging stations capable of dynamically controlling charging rate, maximizing the use of renewables and making as grid-friendly as possible. At level of EV users, the project provides intelligent navigation systems that suggest adaptations in the travel plan to a more efficient charging. At the EV fleet level, the project develops management tools that help optimising fleet operations, maximising battery lifetime and minimising charging costs.

The results of the project is rolled out to commercial use from e-bikes to e-buses, from private EV owners to government services and includes cross-border mobility.

Project Milestones

MS1 - Kick-off meeting | 100%
MS2 - Development and integration framework available, first version of architecture | 100%
MS3 - Passing technical components to integration | 100%
MS4 - Preliminary prototype: Integrated components ready for experimentation | 80%
MS5 - Preliminary prototype: Experiments results available | 45%
MS6 - First set of metrics for EV performance, grid integration and rewards| 10%
MS7 - Intermediate prototype: Passing technical components to integration | 0%
MS8 - Intermediate prototype: Integrated components ready for trials | 0%
MS9 - Intermediate prototype: Trials results available | 0%
MS10 - Market analysis, standardization actions and business models definition | 0%
MS11 - Final set of metrics for EV performance, grid integration and rewards | 0%
MS12 - Final prototype: Passing final technical components to integration| 0%
MS13 - Final prototype: Integrated final prototype ready for trials| 0%
MS14 - Final prototype: Final trials results available| 0%
MS15 - Final market analysis, exploitation and sustainability plan | 0%


The consortium responsible for the Electrific project is formed by eleven partners from five different countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany and Spain). Gfi NV is the leader partner.